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Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Socialism is all you got

Its one of those mistakes I make over and over again: I read an article about anything that the President is doing and then when I am through with the article I scroll down to skim the comments. Here and there I find a few who agree, a few who disagree(at a constructive level), and then a bunch of comments about socialism taking over. Now I am going to go ahead and make the claim that anyone lobbing socialist at the current government is A.) unaware of what real socialism looks like and B.) have no understanding of the positions that the Republicans have taken in previous decades. On the issue of health care for instance the President´s plan, Obamacare, is the Republican idea from 1993. So the Republicans were socialists back then but now they are not. What about Romneycare? Hmm. I am going to take this a step further: if you want to keep screaming socialist thats fine, but at least be able to provide some kind of evidence for it evidence that doesn´t include Hannity/Rush said...

That the political debate on news websites has degenerated to this level is telling in many ways. It tells me that a lot of voters have no real idea of the political process or what government really does. It tells me they have no idea about American history and all the instances where government has failed to protect its citizens from con men who are out to take as much from everyone else as possible. The idea that less government is the golden goose is probably the most common religion that right wing groups share.


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