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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pots Damn

R. Gusarevs once took a bus ride to get to my wedding that involved him temporarily being on a street in Berlin called Waidmanslusterdam or something like that. Of course to the ear that is not so used to German, he sat up and thought Wild Mans Lust Damn! This of course led to a whole new level of sillyness in Berlin with all the different names of things (names that really mean very different things in english or can be perceived as meaning odd things). Lustgarten is another favorite. Anyway this weekend we had visitors from Sweden, Marie and Pekka Lindgren and we took them to the small city of Potsdam. Or as its known in this blog post Pots Damn.

We also went to the Dutch Quarter which is an older part of the town that is good for walking around in and having a coffee. Went to a restaurant called the Flying Dutchman (rather cliche for a dutch restaurant). The food was what could be called average, but as the guests were far better than so it was still a nice time.

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el mars said...

Wild Mans LUST!!!!