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Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Its official. The sun is out and I don´t have to serve ice cream or bake pizzas today, so that can mean only two things. First I am working on further job applications (which even when I am doing nothing else, I am still working on) and secondly I am going to go skate at Hasenheide where I haven´t been in a week and a half. Just looking out the window at the bloomind trees, I know that that itch is slowly coming back.

In other news I finished Margaret Atwood´s sequel to Oryx and Crake titled The Year of the Flood. While its always extremely difficult to write a sequel to such an amazing book, I thought that she did pretty well in the end. Some of the story arcs seemed a bit simplified, but all in all it held a high standard and the ending was acceptable. Recommended though to get it you have to read the first one first.

Today is Market Day on the Maybachufer and I am wondering if I need anything at all today? The answer is probably no, now to the question of do I want anything. Well the answer to that doesn´t need to be stated literally. To everyone out there reading this: Enjoy a beautiful spring day.


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