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Monday, November 01, 2010

A Tsunami, a reading list, and the great adventure

Its Monday today. Tomorrow is Tuesday any which way you want to turn it. Tomorrow is also election day in the US. According to most reports (thus began a sentence that would be frowned on by most high school teachers) the Democrats are heading for a pounding at the bottom of a Tsunami like wave of Republican resurgence. Time is the lesson that American politicians and strategists aren´t learning very well from. In a two party system you can beat your opponent to a pulp. To use another boxing metaphor: you can even have the luxury of having him out on his feet. The problem is there is no way to deliver a real knock-out blow. Leaving the boxing metaphors aside, its worth remembering that both parties are known to come back strong from what is about to happen tomorrow. The Democrats had a good run and while I personally felt they got a lot done (though I would have preferred more) a lot of people don´t share my sentiment. Now let the Republican resurgence take on the arrogant tone of the winner and may they be like that famous wolf who huffed and puffed but couldn´t blow the brick house down.

On a side note, we are now going to hear a never ending stream about how they are going to really cut government spending and how its really going to make America more free and richer and so on etc etc. Now we turn to a former governor of Florida Jeb Bush for the most idiotic quote of the day: "The only privilege that I was born with was to be a citizen of the greatest nation in human history." I wonder if he came up with that himself or if he had some speech writer do it for him. Either way its about the most preposterous thing I have heard someone like that say in a while. The man was born with a silver spoon in his mouth to say the least. This is the dumbest thing I have heard in a long time.

I finished Der Kleine BrĂ¼der by Sven Regener and have since moved on to Cannery Row by Steinbeck in German. After/during that I have Updike´s The Witches of Eastwick to look forward to and honestly I think I will start it pretty soon (as in tonight).

In other news that might be interesting I am no longer a pizza baker. Due to disagreements between employer and employee I now find myself in a search for a new job. Any clues or hints or flat out great ideas would be kindly appreciated.


P. S. I also picked up an old classic: For a Few Dollars More. Little did I know that it was starring the legendary/infamous Klaus Kinski. Hell, had I not seen that I might not have checked it out.


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