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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday Update

The weekend was a mix of work and pleasure and now that Monday is here, I find myself stuck with something like a cold/cough and the fact that I am expected to work a short shift tomorrow. That means I am going to have to hope for a good night´s rest and dream myself well. To put it another, more truthfull way: I am going to have to work while sick. The reality of that is that billions of people around the world do that daily. In many jobs or countries there are no sick absences allowed. Why, are you sick? Well we´ll just get someone else. Luckily for me that isn´t my case, but I still need the money.

The Germany-Sweden game ended a 0-0 draw. To put it another way: it was really boring, but because of its tight defensive strategy, it was exactly what Sweden needed after that 4-1 drubbing by the Netherlands. There will be no more Internationals untill January something. Until then, there will be the local leagues and Champions league to look forward too. Champions league is on tomorrow by the way.

The reading is slow this week, but maybe if I stay sick long enough I can saw through a few books here before December rears its ugly head. Christmas is looming as well, and I have no money whatsoever. Its looking like its going to have to be a very creative Christmas when it comes to gifts.

Ideas anyone?

As someone who bicycles daily (or did till my bike bit the big one) I found this article quite worth the read. Its always amusing to hear the types of negative responses that bicycling causes with car drivers.


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