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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Welcome to the Flood

Lets dig a bit deeper into the results of election night. The Republican Tsunami was there all right and yet it didn’t get the Senate. That means that we are in some kind of a deadlock. Somebody is going to have to play ball to make things happen. Who that someone is remains to be seen, as does what the offers and ideas are that are to be played over.

Remember that when any party (in the US only two are really represented on paper) gains a majority, it means that a significant proportion of its members are part of what could be called true party supporters and the rest are some form of loose coalition members (the Blue Dog Democrats are this to the Democratic Party). So now the Republicans have to deal with a bunch of people that they might not have to during their time in the opposition. In other words they have added to their majority by opening their arms to people who are not the usual Republican fit. The Tea Party fits this role.

For those Democratic supporters who were bitter because they hadn’t been given a cake that they could have and eat as well by Obama, and therefore didn’t vote I say this: shame on you. You have put back the chance to make real change once again. I had a lot of hope in 2008, in 2010 not as much, but I still voted because a Republican future is not something that I have any interest in being a part of.

To belabor a point that needs to be exhausted beyond anything else in the circus that is America: fear, ignorance, and hate won an election. To those who voted based on those things it’s really sad that you call yourselves Americans. In a century where information and knowledge seems to be just the click of a mouse away, we seem to be turning to garbage more and more often. Europe is laughing, and while the typical Republican thing would be to ask snidely who are they, I find myself thinking that they have every reason to laugh. A country that takes Tea Partiers and their queen Sarah Palin this seriously deserves to be laughed at.


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