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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Sunday Thoughts: Politics to Swedish National Football Team

Sunday, Sunday in Berlin. The sun was there to greet me this morning and then by lunch time it had hidden itself behind the cloud ceiling that is the ever present reminder that winter is not quite gone yet. I am thinking about things. Some things, and most certainly not all things.

Terrorist trials. In the US there is some strange idea that the terrorists should not be tried in civilian courts as this may somehow lead to them being found innocent. Does the US government not have enough evidence to convict them? What does that say about all the money spent on these wars so far? Have these same courts not convicted terrorists, both foreign and domestic, in the past? I am guessing that the alternative option is to try the "terrorists" in some kind of military tribunal that has yet to be fully legalized? Apparently the great United States has some kind of court system that is inadequate for justice to be served. What does this mean for conservatives who are so quick to defend all parts of the US? Does a military tribunal guarantee an automatic conviction? If such is the case, then how is justice being served. I thought the US was supposed to be better than these scummy terrorists.

Liz Cheney and her father are the worst things to happen to the world since McCarthy and his witch hunts. Remember how many lives that ruined in a "free" country where people were supposed to be able to believe what they wanted? These are two pathetic people being given too much attention. Keep America Safe sounds like some neo-fascist organization that even Orwell would have had trouble coming up with. Sometimes I imagine that humans learn from history and that we improve throughout the centuries. What I am learning is that this is not the case, human stupidity is unchanged by technology and by those who yearn to improve the world. Have a look around and smell the stupidity in the air: its growing.

Sometimes I get too into football. I begin to hope that the Swedish National Team will recapture its far gone glory days. The last couple of friendlies has proved the complete opposite: we have a bunch of players with limited talent who don´t seem to know how to play with heart. I know that could be harsh but that is my observation. There are lots of national teams that play only with heart, where the players realize that they only get a few chances to suceed in that environment and they take every chance seriously. Sweden on the other hand looks like a bunch of overpaid athletes continuosly underperforming. Well that is my Sunday.


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