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Monday, March 15, 2010

and here comes Monday

It was a nice little weekend if I do say so myself. I managed to not read too much news, and spent my time doing things that are more fun. Such as watching Bundesliga and the last two movies of Stieg Larsson´s Millenium trilogy. Good stuff. Now its Monday again and while I did work five hours last night in pure madness at a swing concert in a pizzeria, I am feeling ready to go.

About the swing concert. The band playing was Old Fish and the location was Ron Telesky Canadian Pizza. I have never seen a venue so packed in my life and people were still outside trying to get in. We had to stop baking during the bands sets, but that didn´t matter because during the breaks everyone was consuming massive amounts of beer. The experience of working there reminds me more and more of Fatih Akin´s amazing 2010 film Soul Kitchen. I love it!

To other things...

Paul Ryan, the new posterboy for the GOP, has his ideas cut to ribbons by the CBO and its not pretty. Nor is the fact that the republican parties "new ideas" are just going to increase the deficit. Lovely, but oh wait aren´t they the party that got us here in the first place. Another Randite bites the dust.


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