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Friday, March 05, 2010

Lets push things forward

Health care, health care, health care. I voted for Obama to get this done. I voted for the democrats to get this done. I want it done. Stop bickering and get this thing through.

Interesting article about the wack-job patriot groups springing up in the US. When I read about these kinds of idiots I remember why I left the US and why I don´t have plans on going back. I don´t need to have these kinds of fools around. In the world today there are billions of idiots, but I will try to chose the ones I want to be surrounded with and its not a bunch of angry old white people who want to carry guns around like the wild west. People advocating conspiracy theories come across as individuals who don´t know how to use their brains beyond menial tasks like cooking food and using the restroom. Those of you involved in these kinds of things, pull your heads out of your asses and do some thinking. I am tired of a dialogue about politics crippled by right wingers who have no talking point but keep reguritating the word socialist and fascist interchangeably. Its bullshit and you know it.


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