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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Big Week and Champions League

Given the current situation in the United States, I will be willing to say that Obama´s presidency and the Democratic party are both at stake over health care. They are gambling with high stakes, but if they want to get something done then this is how it has to be. The Republicans are trying to frame a vote for health care as political suicide. They are hopefully smarter than to really believe that. It is important to remember to beware of friendly republicans offering advice. I have talked about health care reform a lot on this blog. Its an issue that I care a lot about, an issue that is too big to be ignored the way the republican party will do if they win this one. Any democrat who doesn´t vote for this bill will lose my vote. I will instead vote for the green party if this bill is dropped. To any lawmakers reading this, as unlikely as that is, it is better to be voted out for doing something(and something important at that) than to be voted out for being a coward(in hopes of saving your seat) and enforcing an awful status quo.

This week is Champions League again and its going to be a glorious two days. Tonight I will try to watch Chelsea take on Inter Milan in London. The Germans are all supporting Chelsea due to the fact that their national team captain plays for them. I do like Inter Milan´s coach Jose Mourinho, but all the same I give Chelsea the win on this one and the progression to the next round. On Wednesday Barcelona hosts Stuttgart and I don´t really have to explain who the Germans are going to be cheering for in this case. My head tells me Barcelona wins and I would like that, but Stuttgart haven´t come this far only to back down. It could be a close one. My hope though is that Ibrahimovic gets it together and has a masterful game. It would be fun to see him back in his fall form once again.


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