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Thursday, October 08, 2009

Change, but the bend-over-backwards kind

The current debate in health care reform and other items that are up for "change" have run into a strange discussion. The discussion of bi-partisanship. The idea that the American people would much rather prefer to have their politicians work together and reach compromises. Imagine if this had been the approach to segregation. Brown vs. Topeka results in a compromise. One side gets something they want and the others get a bit of what they want. Change is not a bi-partisan. Bi-partisan is generally a status quo. Look at the election. Enough American voters were fed up with the system being the way it was that they voted to give democrats majority. Its currently filibuster proof and the democrats are wallowing around as if they are the minority. Strange and bizarre is the way to describe this.

One could say the opposition is getting their shit together and the Democrats are MIA. I am going after the President on this one. Do something so we don´t fall right back into the hands of the people who gave us the last eight forgettable years. As for the Republican party: why is it impossible to have a proper debate about health care without resorting to scare tactics? Why is anyone listening to a former governor who ruled a small state and quit halfway through? Why is Betsy McCaughey getting airtime with her lies. I remember when I was a little boy if I was thought to be lying I was threatened with the legendary leather belt. Worked everytime.

Lastly lets think about the right-wing propaganda machine (Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and co.) Is this the face that the Republicans want to use to advance their cause? A group of uneducated, hate mongers? We can move forward in the US, the question is if we should really have to ask the republicans for permission on everything. The Republican party originally had a president who didn´t do things that way. Abe Lincoln got his way. Time for Obama to stop asking for change and just do it.

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