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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Berlin, Berlin

Raining cats and dogs this morning and to add to all that it didn´t start till about four in the morning when a loud crack of thunder pealed through the sky and woke me up. Maybe the grass will return to its more natural green color before fall has its savage way. Speaking of fall the leaves are turning just slightly and that means that winter is peeking its frigid eyes on us.

Amidst all this it somehow stopped raining a few minutes ago and that means that if this sun thing keeps up long enough the skate-spot at Hasenheide will be dry enough to hit up by six in the evening. Needless to say I am hoping for this option. Today is work on application day as well as try to figure out what other paperwork needs to be filled out so that I can change my name day.

I want to write a blog for ESPN about Hertha Berlin (the local Football team in the Bundesliga), but there is no contact information to get ahold of those individuals who can pull those strings. Work is ok for now but seeing as how the high season is about to end (if it has not already done so) means I need to find another temp. job for the moment.

Otherwise things are good today, going for a skate, got payed, and having chanterelles for dinner with the most beautiful woman in the world, well it doesn´t get much better.

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