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Friday, May 22, 2009

Listening but not hearing anything...

I watched part of Cheney´s speech yesterday and then I read different pundits opinions on it. It seemed like a good deal of people really think this old man really did some great things for this country. Supposedly he kept millions of American´s from being killed and so on by torturing people, no to him they are just terrorists...

Turns out he was full of his usual lying and distorting on these issues. I am not buying what he is saying for a minute. Why? Because he tortures and because he seems to think that the only way of doing things is the way he would like to do things. Its really sad to think this ego-maniac was a heartbeat from the presidency. We would have really seen what a fascist government looks like. What about all these conservative pundits? Obviously they are listening to their religious neo-con god figure and when god speaks they all say amen because in their small minority the ends always justify the means.

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