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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Conservative thinking

Was reading a conservative blog by some common fox news commentator. She noted that the bust of the group trying to blow up synagogues in New York was something he inherited from Bush. What I imagine she would have said if they hadn´t been stopped would have been it was all Obama´s fault. They tend to use some great reasoning.

In another of her posts she commented about losing freedom because of the MPG regulations in cars. Plus she also tried to use statistics about highway fatalities to prove that higher regulations would lead to less safe cars. Actually this is a good case of correlations: its actually bad car design that leads to fatalities not the car size. Then there is this notion of freedoms that they are really clinging to like it was the only tune they knew how to whistle; suddenly they won´t be able to choose gas guzzlers. Hmm, so its ok to be able to drive badly engineered vehicles that pollute (and thus affect everyone around them) but not ok to regulate these things. So why don´t we get rid of rules on public decency (they would argue that its morality that counts (but remember theirs not someone elses)) but yet at the same time it is a freedom that is lost. What about people who don´t want to drive cars yet can´t lead the same lives as those who do? Apparently they have no freedom of choice. I could go on and on.

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