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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Have some Tea, America!

When I read any article on any news site about the current tea party phenomenon I remember exactly why I left the United States. I left the loon bin to the loonies. Don´t misunderstand me here, Europe is full of loonies. Its crawling with them. The difference is that they don´t have the same loud screaming presence that they have in the US. They don´t have someone like Limbaugh or Beck poisoning the airwaves with their constant spewing of hate and rage (as they make millions from it).

The Tea party claims to be real americans. Sarah Palin claims to be the real america. If that is the real america: this conservative, pseudo Randian America, then I want no part. Period. I want out. If the republicans storm back in to office and fall all over each other trying to help the rich people out and at the same time trying to encourage only the kind of lifestyles that Dr. Dobson prescribes, then I want out. I am sick of a nation that talks about its tolerance and then does the opposite. I am sick of a nation that talks about peace when holding a gun to someone else´s head. Sick to death.

The republicans are looking good the polls say. Says a lot about America doesn´t it!


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