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Saturday, August 07, 2010

Saturday Clouds

Its been raining bad weather since sometime yesterday morning. You wake up slowly, stumble around the house trying to figure out what all you have to do. Get dressed, go to the market, and then go to work for a few hours. The rain starts pouring and your shift gets cut short. No big deal really, a bit more free time is always appreciated. Though the money would have been nice as well. Every month is a massive effort that seems to end with just the right amount of money on the positive balance. A term one could use is making ends meet, or scraping by. Anyway you want to look at it, it comes down to survival. I don´t look at it that way though. I pretend I am in some form of bohemian lifestyle.

After the month and a half football withdrawal following the end of the world cup, two of europes leagues are back in business today: the French and the Dutch. Not that I will watch any of those games though as that would entail piss poor streams on some server that is going to crash at any minute. Too bad, but Bundesliga is just around the corner. There is also a national team friendly next week. Sweden meets Scotland. Zlatan is back. Its going to be fun.


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