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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The children running the orphanage or the Ground Zero Mosque manufactured controversy

There is a mosque being built in a location near the area in New York known as Ground Zero. That is the spot where the twin towers used to be. Remember those buildings that had two planes flown into them and then collapsed once the heat proved to much for the steel girders. A tragedy and an attack all at the same time. Now there is some controversy about one of the buildings in the area. Sometimes I wonder how America became as strong as it did. I wonder how it got so many things done when the politicians are arguing about this kind of garbage.

Arguments I have heard against it: Islam(or muslims) were the ones who attacked America. Actually this is a crock of you-know-what, it was Al Qaeda that attacked, not a religion. Religions are not tangible objects that can attack buildings. Its insensitive is another argument. Muslims died there as well so this makes it even stupider. Plus its private property and the owner is not a radical but a very big moderate. Not allowing it would be an act of bigotry and intolerance. Another argument: more than 50% of americans don´t want it. Majority is always right? guess we´d have no interracial marriage then either, or still segregated schools, and the list goes on. To be honest I haven´t heard a good argument yet. What a bunch of loonies running that country. Further proof that for all the talk, most of the time you only tolerate things that are similiar to yourself.


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