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Friday, July 16, 2010

All good things....

Spain won the 2010 world cup. That was completely deserved. A country that has for the last fifty years (and probably more) produced so many spectacular football players has finally won its first world cup. They also look like they might continue to be unstoppable, though as history has often shown, time does things to winning teams that fans would like to forget. For what its worth though, Spain deserved that World Cup.

In about a month or month and a half, most of the leagues in Europe will be in full swing again and the qualifiers for the next European Cup will be underway. The Swedish national team missed the World Cup and has now added a new coach and started to bring in a younger generation of players. This bodes well for our chances of reaching Poland/Ukraine 2012. We have to face Hungary, Holland, Finland, Moldova, and San Marino. We will probably lose to Holland who have one of the best teams in the world at the moment. Otherwise our chances look solid to go through as the second place team in the group. Oh, and to boost things just a bit in advance Zlatan is back. This is good news for the national team which was missing a key player for the new system which will be 4-2-3-1 like most other international teams. Personally I am looking forward to the qualifiers and the up coming friendlies. Its going to be a good time all around.

As for me I have worked every day this week and it will be nice to have a weekend skating with my Stockholm crew who is on visit for eight days starting on Saturday. Lots of skateboarding to be done!


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