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Thursday, July 08, 2010

Props to Spain

How to begin this? Spain deserved to win that game. Germany fell to far back in hopes that it would be able to stop the play and counter, however in doing so, they let the Spanish run wild with the ball. You never let the spanish run wild with the ball. Until a team learns to do that, they will continue to feel the pain of La Furia Roja. Spain will probably also win the world cup because besides beating Brazil (and lets be honest they weren´t that great) Holland haven´t done all that much to prove they are real contenders. Then again thats the way it goes at world cups sometimes: luck of the draw can lead to match-ups that allow teams to reach the final easier than others.

All the same I have had a fantastic world cup. I have watched every germany game with friends and most of them in public viewing. Its been a blast and to be honest this is the way a world cup should be enjoyed. The vibes on the streets here in Berlin has been fantastic. The German team can now focus on the third place game (which they should win). They should also remember that they have been the most consistent team in the world for almost a decade now. A silver in 2002, a bronze in 2006, and now a chance for another bronze in 2010. Not a thing there to be ashamed of. Next time its going to be a far more experienced team (dare I recall that Spain were quite young in 2006 and came back in 2010 a better side...). Anyway Germany thank you for a wonderful world cup and please finish it with class by beating the snot out of Uruguay and please get that record for Klose he deserves it!


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