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Friday, June 25, 2010


I am in the first fifty pages of Henry Miller´s Tropic of Capricorn and I can only say that I feel inspired, the tone, the sarcasm, the voice: its all perfect. The man knew how to write. As for me? I am stuck on this blog pretending that one day I will write a novel. I can say a thousand times over that I am just trying to find the story, or looking for the right voice for the narration. Its all a crock of shit, and its been cooking for quite sometime now. To look at the whole thing from a spanish perspective: you can´t have a bull fight until you get inside the ring. The ring is this computer, the bull is my inner-laziness, and my matador´s outfit is the keys. Until there is a confrontation, its going to be a lonely day at the ring.

On to the world cup in all its glory. Germany made it through! What a nervy game that was. Lots of indecisivness from both sides and only a single moment of individual brilliance to finish it off. My thoughts always go back to Mr. Linnekers quote about the germans always winning on penalties, well hopefully they can do better than that against England. Sunday will tell all.

I am off to shopping and other such fun and exciting things such as working on a Friday night. May your weekends be merry!


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