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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Monday of Worry

This is an odd Monday. I am sitting here at my desk in Berlin listening to the cars making their way through the snowy seats and thinking about politics. Right now I wish that I didn´t care about politics or about any of the issues out there. That I just did my job, got my paycheck and lived frivolously in the land of consumerism. As long as my piece of the pie was big enough then who cares about anything else right. Anyway I mean whatever party is in will do ok anyhow. Right?

Unfortunately this is not the case. I do care about issues. I do care about people getting stepped on and who have no one looking out for them. I do care about religious majorities forcing their lifestyles on others. I do care about all the lies that are printed in newspapers. The purpose of this post is to talk about the special election for the Senate seat in Massachussets. The Republican candidate is apparently ahead at the moment and the election is tomorrow. If the Democrats lose this one, there will only be one thing to say: it is their own fault. They have not shown what they are capable of and have all but given away health care reform because of it. If the Republicans win they are not going to stop talking about it for the next five years (at least).

Who is Scott Brown, the Republican candidate? He is your usual right winger: obssessed with making sure only heterosexualls are treated equal, all talk about pro-life, and of course against everything that Obama stands for. He is the kind of reason I left the US. While I may have had some hope for that country after the Presidential election, it seems that the usual suspects are creeping back in and if they get back the power, the whole place is going back to the gutter.


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