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Friday, January 01, 2010

2009: year of the conspiracy

The last year was an excellent time for conspiracy theories. Up to this point there has been no real reliable assessment of why these lies and half-truths are allowed to flourish and go on being believed by the idiots in todays society. Perhaps instead the focus should be on why humans are capable in believing in something so obviously false and yet not let it have any effect on the rest of their lives. For instance the Birthers. Here you have a group of people who believe that the U.S. President was born overseas and is therefore not fit for command, even though his birth certificate has been shown publically and verified by neutral groups. Yet most of these idiots (because that is what you would have to be to believe in this) have jobs and houses in the suburbs and families and so on. In other walks of life they are something like normal (normal is always a relative concept) yet when it comes to this one thing they are incapable of accepting the truth.

Another conspiracy theory that has been making the rounds is the one about Acorn stealing the election. A fantasticly exciting theory, but for the fact that there is nothing there. Or the stolen-climate-change-emails-disproves-global-warming. Except that now that the dust has settled there is still no proof that anything was done that was illegal of wrong. No matter these conspiracies will still be with us in 2010. Today I have come to present the newest conspiracy theory making the rounds on conservative american blogs (oh ye bastions of fear mongering and lies). If one takes the time to read the full article, one will also be amazed to discover why it isn´t even news at all. Here it is, and a Happy New Year.

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