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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Centrism, the death of the US, and how I feel

This notion of bi-partisanship is dead in the US and for the time it should remain that way. Why comes the shout from the peanut gallery? The Republican party has fuck-all when it comes to answers as to how to solve things. No thats not right, they have exactly the same ideas they had eight years ago and even earlier all the way back to Reagan; lower the taxes and everything will solve itself. This idea that one persons personal greed can translate into fulfilling the needs of others is so beyond idiotic that its amazing they can still sell it.

The way they do it is have you believe that starting now, you can be a millionaire before you know it. Everyone can is the fairy tale line that has been the staple of the conservative party. Never mind that they are only interested in helping certain types of people and would like rights only for those who agree with them (or how else can DADT or Protection for Heterosexual Marriages be explained). Worse is the fear of Islam, while they want the churches to have all kinds of rights.

The US will slowly recede on the world horizon if it doesn´t get its shit together in a hurry. If they were to elect someone completely lacking in answers (even afraid to give her own opinion) like Palin it will only speed up the process. This isn´t an admonishment of failure or an I give up statement no I will opt for the John Paul-Jones route: I have not yet begun to fight. I will oppose these empty nationalist parties and their attempt to dictate how people live their lives (because telling people what is and what is not accepted sexuality is about as far from freedom as one can get).

Sure it gets lonely at times but I remember there are others out there who care about standing against a system that perpetuates injustice and even mistreats its own citizens.

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