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Monday, February 14, 2011

Life takes a strange bounce

It’s been lovely today. Its just one of those days where it didn’t really matter how much you got right to start with or for how long for that matter. You come home at five in the afternoon. Your wife is cleaning up the bathroom. You wonder why and then you have a look. A pipe somewhere in the ceiling has burst or something like that and suddenly the whole bathroom has been destroyed. Like I said, at that moment in time it doesn’t matter anymore how much had been accomplished that day, because the rest of it is ruined.

You try to smoke a cigarillo, the kind you really like, the kind you like to enjoy because they are easy to enjoy. It’s impossible at this point to enjoy anything. You have applied for something from the Tax Office. It was supposed to arrive eight days ago. It’s holding up your payments from a job you did last month. You call them, and the first two times they transfer you to a phone line that eventually hangs up on you. You call them back the next day. You finally reach the person who processed your paperwork. They tell you that there isn’t anything they can do, since it is someone else in another department somewhere that sends out the official document with the special number that you kind of needed a week ago.

Sometimes the ball doesn’t go into the open goal when you kick it from four meters out. It bounces off one post and then the other before it runs out back onto the field and a defender clears it away. Football can sometimes be a great metaphor for life. I keep hitting the posts at the moment. It’s so close and yet it seems that really its always so far away.


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