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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Not Impressed

So there was this guy who blew himself up in downtown Stockholm yesterday. Apparently he blew up his car as well. I am pretty sure that when you act as a terrorist you are supposed to maximize the amount of damage you cause to your attended targets. This is especially true if you are a suicide bomber, as this man appears to have been. The idea is not just to wreck your own car and injure two witnesses.

Now all the questions are starting to sound like this “did he have an accomplice, like say Al-Qaida or something like that helping him out?” This is where one should be prepared for endless analysis and conjecture. The Swedish media is salivating. My first guess is that this was a lonely (read isolated) young man who thought this was somehow his only course of action. I also have to go by the assumption that he was a nut job. The meaning here is obvious: he failed to do more than make second page headlines after the first evening outside of Sweden. Apparently he was upset about Lars Vilks. Well that is fine, it is ok to dislike someone else’s artwork, but that is in no way a justifiable reason to blow yourself up.

If you don’t like freedom of speech there are plenty of shit countries that one can go live in and please don’t understand me wrong: I don’t like religion, but I believe that these people have a right to believe what they want to believe, but it isn’t allowed to affect others in a physically harmful way. Ever. Period. I believe in freedom of speech and I think it should be protected, and that includes mocking religions. To be honest: if your religion can’t take a joke or any kind of criticism for that matter, then there is something wrong with that religion to begin with.

Another thing that would-be radicals should take into consideration is that when you go around blowing yourselves up like this, it doesn’t do the people left behind any good. Suicide bombing has not solved any problems, instead it has the opposite effect: it makes people like your cause even less. It makes you seem strange. Its even stranger to a computer addicted Western world that can’t understand the fondness a few extremists have with a weird, sullen man in a cave somewhere in what is left of Afghanistan. Think about it, how is your family going to be treated after you kill someone else because of your religion. Terrorism is a way of destroying the societies we live in today, but what they aim to replace it with is so much worse than any of the problems we are currently facing. I just hope the Swedes don’t overreact now, but I won’t be surprised if they do. The Sverige Demokraterna are going to eat it up like jello!


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