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Friday, December 03, 2010

FIFA and Wikileaks

So the world cup went to Russia and Qatar. Since those will be the summers when I will supposedly have some money in the bank, it’s too bad that the destination to watch either Germany or Sweden (both?) play is going to be either of these.

Now to be blatantly honest, Russia has some breathtaking nature and to go hiking or canoeing on some of those rivers would be amazing beyond words. It’s the cities (other than St. Petersburg) and the anti-foreign mindset that bothers me the most about Russia. Not to mention the levels of corruption. This is before we even start talking about Qatar! I am guessing it will be the first world cup with tea and coffee as a sponsor, and no beers served on the premises. Fifa goes where the money goes and right now that isn’t in the US, Spain, or England. The only real surprise here is really that China didn’t make a bid, because given the odds they would have had a good chance as well. Bizarre.


The Wikileaks “scandal” seems to be dominating the headlines in most of the western countries, or at least in the countries where I read the newspapers. Maybe it’s just me but I don’t quite get what the big deal is. Please open your diplomacy and international affairs textbooks to page 1: every nation looks out for its best interests 100% of the time. While the descriptions of the heads of state may have been cruel, it wasn’t as if we didn’t assume that this was how the leaders view one another. The real scandal here is with those who act outraged and pretend as if the USA is some sort of beacon of enlightenment. Its not and never has been. We really should accept that, it would be so much healthier than believing the American religion.


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