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Monday, October 11, 2010

Wanderings and wonderings

Sometimes I wonder if I really should keep writing this blog. I want to write more about thouroughly researched topics, but most of the time I just churn out a series of rants in paragraph and sentence form. This trend is not likely to be discontinued. On Saturday I received an email that meant a lot to me. It wasn´t from any potential employers to tell me that I was being considered for a post somewhere, no in fact it came from the government of Florida. It was an email to let me know that my request for an absentee ballott had been received and that I was therefore going to be voting in the coming elections. Joy immediately descended upon me and I knew that I would not be among those who sit back and say well things went bad and I didn´t do anything about it. I don´t need to state who I am going to be voting for, anyone who reads this blog could figure that out in a heart beat.

In any case my family was here over the weekend, except for my sister who is at Bible School in a small town somewhere in the woods of Småland. Here is a picture my brother took of me trying on some pretentious glasses.

Of course the glasses turned out to be too pretentious but I may as well admit that I am looking for something like those in the near future.

I have decided to publish my reading goal for the rest of the year. Here are some of the books I want to read before 2011:

1. Der Kleine Brüder by Sven Regener
2. The Witches of Eastwick by John Updike
3. The Handmaid´s Tale by Margaret Atwood
4. Freedom by Jonathan Franzen
5. Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer (non-fiction)
6. Flow my Tears, the Policeman Said by Philip K. Dick
7. A Widow for One Year by John Irving
8. Going After Cacciato by Tim O´Brien
9. The Green House by Mario Vargas Lhosa
10. Grimms Wörter by Günter Grass

This is of course a list of books I would like to read, it doesn´t mean I will be able to finish them all. I am also taking recommendations. Leave an idea as a comment.


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