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Thursday, September 02, 2010

A steady oncoming storm and other things

If you are the democratic party, at this point it would probably be time to panic. The president doesn´t seem to know how to take control of the situation and the media is frothing at the mouth everytime a report comes out showing the republicans are closing in on the house and senate. Ok well this did happen before in the Clinton years, but lets be real americans and only remember as far back as three years max. In any case, the Democrats did real things while they were in office such as the healthcare reform which is going to cost them. Changing things always has a price. So lets all welcome back the republican party: a bunch of stuffy, white lets-change-nothing-because-everything-is-perfect kind of party. There seems to be no stopping the storm.

In other news fall is here. No the leaves aren´t turning brown (the sky is gray more than fifty percent of the time though), but the tourists are thinning out and there is a cold bite to the air that wasn´t there just two weeks ago.

Sweden plays its first Euro-qualifier against Hungary on Friday. Sweden should win this one but you never know till that final whistle. Here´s hoping that the next blog post will be about the joy of having three points on the road to Ukraine.


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