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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Weekly Politcal commentary

No one should be surprised that this blog is carrying on about political issues (including race, gender, etc.) I am generally quite open about where I stand which compared to the President is indeed to the left. So here we go...

Any talk about discrimination against white people is the most ridiculous thing that I have heard (shame on Limbaugh and co. for continually harping on all the discrimination against them). This article does well to point out the fact that despite all this talk it is still the white man running things.

The health care battle is starting to scare me. I will be honest I can´t really afford to live in the US at the moment, as my standard of living would be lowered due to the bills I would have to pay to private insurance companies who are just what they are called: private. Anyone who believes that capitalism can "solve" things is ignoring the stupidity of humanity, and besides if it could solve things then why do we need government in the first place. When a republican administration really does create a smaller government then I will observe the experience and weigh it based on its own merits, though to this day I haven´t seen this to be the case (can´t count Reagan, he poured all that money into the military which sorry to say is another government operation).

The President should come down hard on the righties and let them know they aren´t the only ones who can create a scene. He should demonstrate that the Democrats are the party in power for one reason: that is how the people of the nation wanted things to be (its called a democracy for a reason). So its about time that Congress and the President got to work.

Finally, the right to bear arms. This should be the one thing in the constitution that would need some work. If you have a rifle for hunting that is great. If you have an semi-automatic and take it to protests, there is something wrong with you period. This is something you don´t even see in most third world countries.

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