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Monday, August 03, 2009

Top Ten list of people we should ignore:

10. Robert Mugabe (There should be no need to explain his presence on the list).

9. Kim Jong-Il (Seemingly proud to be out of his mind and insane, suffers from penis envy which goes a long way to explaining why his starving country is building nuclear weapons).

8. Glenn Beck (hate speech promoter and all around liar-for-ratings).

7. Sean Hannity (See Glenn Beck).

6. Orly Taitz (Birther lawyer and dentist and real estate agent also out of her mind yet still able to practice law).

5. Sarah Palin (imagine her as president and once you finish vomiting your migraine will show up, has demonstrated repeatedly she is incapable of running anything but Wasilla).

4. Dick Cheney (torture can be justified, I am sure a certain Reich´s F├╝hrer would have agreed 110 percent, responsible for making the US just that much less safe).

3. Mahmoud Ahmadinajad (Where to start... Stole an election and is generally regarded to be out of his mind as well).

2. Karl Rove (need I explain why)

1. Mark Sanford (showing why people shouldn´t vote for a party claiming to be about "family" values).

Note: this list does not infer value based on the numbering system used, it is simply how they came to mind.

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