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Friday, July 03, 2009

Trapped in the rain

Went to the Berlin Library (AGB) and got trapped there in a downpour of torrential tropical rain. Before I got here the weather was so humid that I was sweating just sitting at my computer. There is no escape from the European summer and considering that this is what was sorely missing until a week ago I shouldn´t be complaining.

Just picked up Paul Auster´s book Moon Palace which I do not believe that I have read and am therefore very happy to do so now. I dropped off Marina Lewicki´s Two Caravans (which I do not recommend by any stretch.

I am getting married in a week and that is incredible. Now I just need to keep looking for a job. Time is going by so fast, too fast almost.

Considering that the rain is coming down as hard as it is, I guess it means I won´t be skateboarding today. Oh well.

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