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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Saturday Post

Its Saturday and its been a pretty productive day by my own standards. I am right in the middle of making delicious vegetarian lasagna for Clara, myself, and two friends of ours. At the same time I am also making vegetable broth from all the leftover vegetables we have collected over the last week and a half. This is one of those things that remain a work in progress. This is the fourth time I have made it and I am still learning how to do it and what the combination for a good taste is. This time I added some stalks of rosemary. We will see if it adds anything to it. I want to make my kitchen into a place where I do most, if not all of the cooking from scratch. Sometimes that is not possible, and sometimes there is simply not enough time. There is a massive difference in taste, and taking the broth as an example, last week we made a soup using the broth as a base and then adding some more fresh vegetables and pasta and letting them simmer some. The final taste was incredible and not even comparable to store bought broth.

I haven’t watched a single episode of Sarah Palin’s Alaska (I think that’s the name) but I can’t help but wonder if she runs for president, will she then have a reality show about how the whole thing goes? What would that be called? Sarah Palin Goes to Washington? Sarah Palins Washington? If anyone has any good ideas then please post them below.

The new congress spent some time reading the constitution for everyone to hear. I like that Time Magazine asks the question as to whether or not there is some kind of Constitution Cult that is rearing its head right now in the US. The quote at the end by Jefferson is pretty damning of the whole “original interpretation” idea. Well there will always be nuts among us, now we have people who fall for the American Religion. Classic.


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Anonymous said...

They should have a reality tv show to pick the next president, each week having them perform in front of Simon Cowell and several panelists from CNN and Fox. Then on election day we all know for certain how Sarah Palin can perform a dance routine and sing from a wide range of songs and styles.