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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Is it possible something might actually happen?

Health Care Reform: it was alive, it was happening, it was dead, it was a failure with a capital F, rumors, rumors, its alive, its back, its possible? Krugman certainly thinks so and he explains very simply that its theoretically only a few steps away from being reality. This is of course the situation that we are in: Brown being voted in was certainly a hick-up for the whole thing, but it doesn´t hide the fact that both the house and the senate have already passed bills for health care reform. All that has to happen is the House passes the Senate bill and Obama signs it into law. Of course there is still to be some going ons before, but that is how government works.

What happens if this scenario goes down? The conservatives will freak out. By the way that last link is to The New Republic which I just discovered is a great source of in-depth analysis on current events in the US (from a left viewpoint). There was an article on the website with some remarkable insights into the tea party´s approach to things at the moment as well as Palin´s notion of the real Americans. I give two of the quotes below here:

"Populism that bases its criticisms on a preference for one segment of the populace is merely another special interest."

"The wisdom of a policy is not determined by its social origin."

Both of those quotes are by Leon Wieseltier.

The Tea Party´s approach (and Sarah Palin´s) that they somehow represent the real Americans is false for so many obvious reasons. I, and many others like me are also real Americans, and I want nothing to do with those embarassing demonstraters. Here is a great take on the whole movement by Mark Halperin at Time Magazine.

Now to important matters. Team Sweden have made it to the Quarterfinals where they will without a doubt be facing Slovakia. If we win, and I think its possible, we play either Russia or Canada. I think it ends in the Semi-finals. I would love another gold, but we´ll have to wait a bit for that. Good luck Tre Kronor, you´re gonna need it.

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